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5-Axis Machining Center AX320

 5-Axis Machining Center AX320 PINNACLE Brand 5-Axis Machining Center AX450

Flexible application on robust structure
Simple and compact design
to solve your most complicated machining jobs.
High-Tech Expertise in 5-axis Machining
The major components are made from high quality Meehanite cast iron, which are annealed and stress-relieved before machining. The spindle with entire headstock assembly is counter-balanced by pneumatic system to minimize the column and headstock vibration during acceleration / deceleration .
The 5-axis synchronized machining allows complicated work pieces to be finished in just one setup, and it increases machining efficiency and accuracy, also reduces machine idle time.
Pinnacle AX 320 / AX 450 are your best choice for producing aerospace components, medical equipment and any parts with multiple curved faces.
AX320/ AX450 are proven to be super machines for high efficiency and accuracy.

Each Pinnacle machine is subject to dynamic and static accuracy tests. Pinnacle machine accuracy meets ISO 10791 VDI 3441, ISO 230, JIS B6388 and ASMEB5 standards.


  • 660 x 610 x 610 mm Travel
  • A Axis Tilt 150° (-120°/+30°)
  • C Axis Rotary 360°
  • Rapid Feedrate 30/30/24
  • 9/12 Kw Spindle Motor
  • ISO40 Spindle Taper
  • X, Y & Z Axis Linear Way





High-Tech Expertise in 5-axis Rotary Table
  • Rotary Table diameter Ø320 / Ø450mm
  • Table rotation and tilting are driven by servo motor
  • Positioning accuracy, A/C-axis: 15''/10''
  • Repeatability accuracy, A/C-axis: 10''/15''

3+2 = ∞
Infinite Solutions
Rigid Stable Accurate
3 linear axes X/Y/Z plus rotary and titling axes A/C offers almost infinite solutions to your 5-axis or multiple faces machining jobs. The two-in-one rotary/titling table features easy maintenance and low service cost.
AX320 A-axis swivels 150°and AX450 swivels 220° to optimize machining space and allows complex workpiece to be finished in just one setup and reducing cycle time.
Robust Structure ensures long term accuracy, year after year.
It is all about Temperature control


  The machine's actual cutting quality and accuracy relies on the temperature control techniques. No machine can be called precision machinery without mastering this critical know-how. Pinnacle 5-axes machines employ chiller to keep the headstock in a constant and stable temperature level, and depended on customer's work shop condition, coolant through ball screws are available to minimize the temperature variation.
Outstanding craftsmanship
  Oil cooling through ball screws on X, Y, Z axis minimizes thermal deformation and backlash, while ensuring smooth motion during rapid traverse.
  • The Z-axis is pneumatic counter-balanced via high response pneumatic cylinders. Plus an air reservoir tank to boost the balancing performance, ensuring fast and stable Z-axis movement, giving high surface finish.
  • The spindle oil cooler permits the spindle to keep a constant temperature running and ensures long service life. It also provides high efficiency machining and high accuracy.
  • X/Y/Z axes adopt roller guideways for optimum rigidity and speed 6 rolling shoes on X/Z axes minimize damping effect.
  • Drive motors direct coupled with pretensioned and oversized ballscrews to ensure cutting quality.
Each Pinnacle machine is subject to dynamic and static accuracy tests.
Pinnacle Machine accuracy meets ISO 10791 VDI 3441, ISO 230, JIS B6388 and ASMEB5 standards.
ISO 10791-4
  Axis Travel Axis Travel  
>500mm<800M >800mm<1250M  
Bi-directional Positioning A: 0.025 0.032 0.003mm
Bi-directional Repeatability R: 0.015 0.018 0.003mm
JIS B6336-4 shows the same value as ISO Standard;
P value of VDI / DGQ3441 is equivalent to A of ISO10791-4, and PS is equivalent to R
All values shown above are measured for machine in good air conditoned environments.

Quality is not a job, it is our attitude.
ISO certification CE certification All Aspect Quality System
    Quality comes not from inspection but from every Pinnacle staff's mentality. The state-of-the-art inspection equipments only help us to prove our attitude and accuracy results.


    BX series combine Heidenhain iTNC530 smart controller system that is a user-friendly, reliable and Hi-Tech controller includes DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring), TCPM (Tool Center Point Management) and Title & Plane function.
  • PLANE Function
    The PLANE feature makes it easy to define a tilted working plane.
  • Tilting the Working Plane
    With Cycle 19 with swivel heads or tilting tables. You program the operation as usual in the working plane, for example in X/Y. The machine runs the program in a plane that has been tilted by one or more rotary axes with respect to the main plane.
  • TCPM function (Tool Center Point Management)
    In five-axis operations, TCPM function to move the tool reliably on the contour and ensure that the work surface is not damaged. Maintain the position of the tool tip when positioning with tilted axes.
    With the aid of the TCPM function, the iTNC 530 automatically corrects the tool path for the machine geometry and the tool length as well as compensates the tool radiusin three dimensions.
  • Chip Flushing System
    Chip flushing system is equipped to remove cutting chips inside of enclosure, which prevents chip accumulation and any possible damage to the linear guideways and ball screws.
  • DCM (Dynamic Collision Monitoring)
    DCM enables you to check for collision in the test run mode before actually machining a part. To avoiding machine dow times. Simulation for a safety process.
  • Coolant Through Spindle (Option)
    20 Bar  high pressure pump and sub tank assure CTS system offers the highest efficiency of chip disposal..
  • Chip Conveyor (Option)
    Hinge type or scraper type chip conveyor in front side of machine (able head to left or right) removes chips from machine.
  • Kinematics Opt. (Option)
    Kinematics Opt. is an important component to help you meet these high requirements: With a HEIDENHAIN touch probe inserted, a 3-D touch probe cycle measures your machine's rotary axes fully automatically. The results of measurement are the same, regardless of whether the axis is a rotary table, a tilting table or a swivel head.
Steel O X O
Casting Iron X O X
Aluminum X X O
Copper X X O
Mixture X O X
Not Iron Material X O X
Table Size (mm) Ø320
Travel Ranges (X x Y x Z mm) 660 x 610 x 610
T Slot Size (Size x deg ) 12 x 90
Max. Table Load ( / 90°g) 150 / 150
Max. Workpiece Size (W x H mm) Ø420x Ø300
Diameter of Table Hole (mm) Ø50
Spindle Nose to Table Surface (mm) 50~605
A  Axis, Tilt (deg)/(0.001°) 150°(-120°/+30°)
C Axis, Rotary (deg)/(0.001°) 360°
Tool Shank & Pull Stud ISO40
Spindle Inner Diameter (mm) Ø70
Spindle Speed (rpm) Direct drive 10000 (12000)
Spindle Speed (rpm) Built-in 15000
Main Motor (con/30 min Kw) 9/12
Rapid Feed Rate (X/Y/Z m/min) 30/30/24
Feed Rate (X/Y/Z/ m/min) 10
Feed Rate (A/C rev/min) 5.5/11.5
X Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
Y Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
Z Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 10
A Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 5
C Axis Rated Torque (Nm) 3.8
ATC Type DISK-24,  30 (Chain-40)
Cam Type ARM
Tool Selection (Bi-direction) RANDOM
Tool Storage Capacity (PCs) 24 (32,40)
Max. Tool Diameter (mm) Ø90 (Ø76)
Max. Tool Length 300
Max. Tool Weight 8
Air Requirement (Kg/cm2) 6
Hydraulic Requirement (Kg/cm2, L) 40, 30L
Voltage 380
Power Requirement (KVA) 40
Coolant Tank Capacity (L) 300
Machine Weight (KGs) 6500
Machine Height (mm) 2900
Floor Space (L x W mm) 2660 x 2230
Packing Size (L x W x H mm) 2660 x 2230 x 2560
All Specifications And Designs Are Subject To Change Without Notice.


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